Provides Real-Time Tool
Performance Monitoring & Tracking

RevolutionTools™ is a tool distribution and tracking application that is IIoT enabled to provide Real-Time insight on whats happening with your shop floors tool assets. Coupled with our RevolutionCore& product it provides serialized tracking of tool assemblies with live insight into tool health, tool performance, tool cost and tool life. Its the first and only MTConnect'ed solution for manageing serialized tool performance.

Real-Time Tool Crib

Live Dashboards for Tool Crib personal to manage the shop the way it needs to be managed. With our Live Tools application, a critical cutting tool will never again be missing at the machine when its needed and your shop will always be informed on the latest status.

Revolution Tools provides a simple interface for the management of Tool Sheet, Tool Assembly, Tool Component and Tool Life (automatic) requests/tasks. And a simple workflow has been implemented to ensure everyone stays informed.


All tool asset requests are assigned a deliverable thats required to fulfill the task.

RevolutionCore™ Tools creates its own library of tool sheets, assemblies and components, but it has been purposefully designed to be easily integrated with your existing Tool Data Management system (if one exists) to harness the valuable data those solutions can provide. Revolution Tools can then provide enhanced process analysis capibilities.

Serialized Tool Life

If you have been struggling to figure out how to manage tool life in your shop, you have stumbled on the best solution for tool life management in the industry.

Revolution Tools enables a workflow that allows remote 'Serialized' Tool Life Monitoring.

Tool Performance

Tool Performance is not just about getting the best tool life. Our application maintains a live connection to the machine control during machining operations. We capture and analyzing various data points to provide an incredible level of insight to your engineers. Simple analysis provides your tooling engineers a prioritized list of where your company can make the most money if they investigate better options to improve performance.

Today our product is deployed with our customers, and is providing them an incredible competitive advantage because of its detailed process analysis capibilities. Today, our customers are seeing vast amounts of unseen potential improvement and as they take action on this insight the results will leave their competition in their wake!

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