Our Pricing and Deployment Options can meet the needs of any customer

We have plans that can fit at small Job Shops and others for the most demanding Large Enterprises

Monthly (SaaS)

For customers who need maximum flexibility. This plan provides simplicity and convenience of the cloud, paid as a monthly operational expense.

  • No Hardware Requirement
  • Minimize your IT burden
  • Streamlined Deployment
  • Continuous Updates
  • Integrated Support
  • Seamless update
  • Simple monthly expense

On Premise
Annual (SaaS)

For customers who require on-premise deployments but need a lower upfront cost. This option provides the same benefits of an on-premise deployment at cloud pricing!
  • Annual Expiring License
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Maximum Security Compliance
  • Initial Project and 1-Year Expiring License
  • Easy Annual Application and License Updates

On Premises

For Enterprises who require a deployment on their own data centers. Option provides a perpetual license to the application and an annual maintenance package.

  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Maximum Security Compliance
  • Initial Project and Licensing Cost
  • Annual Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

No, True Analytics does not provide the actual physical server. Documentation or quotes you may receive from True Analytics may include line items or references to web or database servers, which are references to software servers and not the physical hardware the software is deployed to. If you are interested in an on-premise deployment of our product it will be required that you provide or retain the appropriate physical infrastructure. We can work with your IT team to ensure that the hardware is sized appropriately to support the application.
No, the Digital Process Documentation is a stand-alone product and can be purchased independent of the Core application. Digital Process Documentation is a great starting point, so if you think that product makes sense as a first step, we totally agree! Let's start there and when you are ready, we can look at whether RevolutionCore is a good fit.
Our idea of an Ecosystem is everything you need; accessible in one place. It is, all connected and the systems you rely on are aware the other exists, so you don't have to duplicate something that is already someplace else in your ecosystem. Basically, all systems play nicely together. Does this mean we plan to provide all your digital solutions? No, most definitely not. The application is intended to be an easy way to create a hub to connect with other systems in an intelligent way and make those valuable, critical systems just as accessible as our product.
The digital thread feature is certainly one of our favorite features as well. It ties all the critical information you need together in a single place and makes it easy to solve problems. This feature is honestly something we envisioned in the very beginning stages of product development and it was developed into our RevolutionCore application because, well, it is the heart of our product. In order to tie it all together it needs to be part of the application at the core of the ecosystem.
Our company was founded by a team with hands on experience in manufacturing. Tooling engineers, Quality experts (CMM Operators), and Machinists. We happened to get really good at system integration and software development purely because we were the types that just needed to figure out how to solve the problems ourselves. Honestly, the product is the child of necessity. When we started in 2016, we had some goals that were driven by the frustration of using other products and being left disappointed and no closer to solving the real issues. Those products were developed by software engineers with no real-world experience in manufacturing. True Analytics developers were Manufacturers who became Software Engineers. It will always be that way because we have no plans to hire software engineers who don't have a deep knowledge of manufacturing. We are looking for creative effective solutions and it is impossible to be creative effective unless you have a deep knowledge of the industry.
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